2011 Naha Ichiman-nin (10,000 person) Eisa

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Registration for the 2011 Naha Ichiman-nin parade has begun. The registration period is from Monday, April 18th until Tuesday, May 17th. For future reference, pictures of the application forms and details on how to complete them are shown below. You can retrieve/print the registration form at this link (http://www.kokusaidori.org/eisar2011/index.html). The form will not be available online after 05/17. General information about the parade is available here (http://www.kokusaidori.org/eisar2011/index.html) unfortunately the site is in Japanese.

You can either fax or submit your registration application form in person at the Naha office across the street from the Mitsukoshi mall on Kokusai street. Their office is in the Tenbus Kan building on the third floor in the rear (Makishi 3-2-20 tel. 098-863-2755).

The group training (practices) will be held at the Naha City gym, Okinawa Cellular Park and at the Awase Sports dome. Directions to the Naha City gym can be found by clicking here. Directions to the Awase Sports dome can be found by clicking here. Practice dates for all three locations can be found by clicking here.

Awase dome etiquette: Drinks are usually not permitted inside the netted area. During the summer months, the dome will be hot so dress accordingly, stay hydrated and bring a towel if necessary.

2007 Naha Ichiman-nin (10,000 person) Eisa parade
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Click here for directions to the Naha Civic gym. Directions to the Naha gym posted soon.
Click here for directions to the Awase recreation dome.
Click for RKMD practice dates!
Practice dates for the 2011 Naha Ichiman-nin have been posted. The first practice at the Naha Okinawa Cellular Park will be June 2nd 7-9PM.







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Click here to watch a YouTube© video of the Japanese group Begin performing Eigao no Manma, one of the new Eisa songs to be performed during the 2010 Naha Ichiman-nin parade.










Registration postal form from Ryukyu Koku Matsuri Daiko website



Registration postal form
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