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KKMD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q. Where do I purchase the uniform?
A. You must be fitted for the uniform first. Make a request to the group instructor/ sensei for a fitting. After the fitting you can pay for the uniform (Yen ONLY).
Q. How much are the uniforms?
A. Uniforms are typically less than 25,000 Yen. You will receive the head covering (long red scarf - male, short red band - female), black happi coat and pants, and red obi (belt)
Q. Where do I buy the shoes? A. The white shoes (tabi pronounced "ta-bee"), black arm bands and white socks can be purchased from one of several uniform stores. Click here for directions.
Q. Do I need prior musical experience to participate? A. No prior musical experience is necessary.
Q. How do I obtain a copy of the music to practice? A. Copies of the music on CD-R and the routines on DVD are available at the practices.
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